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Shopping Club

Create a bygone retail climate by creating an exclusive and closed online shopping club. Members have early access to your new and existing products, often with limited inventory and deep discounts.

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Affiliation Platform

Build a modern referral community to increase your sales. Give your partners a set of marketing tools that help them to bring new clients.

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Influence Platform

Let influencers promote your products and services in their social media for rewards. Measure their effect on your brand in real-time.

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Over 100,000 people use our software

We build direct and indirect communities that support multiple brands

ITARMI Limited
Delivering the IT workforce
for the future
Ensure professional oral hygiene
with specialized dental products
PayUkraine LTD
Reliable European money
transferring service
Getreve Limited
Build sales client list
Tester Land
Test products and services
and earn money
Promote products and
services on russian market
“Spread the love for your brand through customers and increased interaction! — We will help you build the community of supporters you desire'”
Szymon Bolczyk
Afi.to CEO

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