Platform Features

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  • Client engagement
  • Running campaigns
  • Easy workspace configuration
  • User management
  • Newsfeed
  • Referral marketing
  • Reward your users
  • Payments

    Our platform has many tools to customize payouts to your users. First of all - the ability to choose the currency you want. By default, you can choose points, which can be used to purchase rewards only within your system, or one of the available real currencies. However, remember that thanks to the flexibility of our system, you can always add your own currency in the settings!

    The next important step is the ability to customize the payout rules. As already mentioned, you can set a minimum limit on the balance needed to make a withdrawal. However, in addition to that, you can also set up waiting time from last payout for the same purposes.

    Finally, you have the ability to activate your preferred payment methods to make payments to users. By default, these methods are bank transfer, Paypal, and Payeer. However, we are always ready to add any convenient payment method to meet your needs!

  • Security & Privacy

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