We help to gamify your clients

Let people play your brand game. Create tasks and experiences, let people unlock achievements and earn points. Let them exchange those points for exclusive or limited products or invitations to events.

Client gamification

Playing your brand game

Empower people who actively support your brand with amazing rewards

Access to limited products

By promoting your brand, people gain access to the limited products library you offer ahead of anyone else.

Invitations to events

Let people complete marketing and promotional tasks to be invited to your exclusive events

Discounts and gifts

Reward the activity of clients by unlocking them discounts or giving them gifts they deserve

You will get your mobile and web app, under your brand name

Once customers join your game, they become a part of your community. A new type of sales channel and promotion tool for your brand!


Over 100,000 people use our software

We build direct an in-direct communities that support multiple brands

Pro-active clients unlock more achievements

And are rewarded with extraordinary prizes

Client gamification
“We will develop a brand game with you! — A brand game that will help you to build an amazing community of supporters!.”
Szymon Bolczyk
Afi.to CEO

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