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Platform Features

Build and configure the system to fit your needs!

We are pleased to welcome you to the AFI platform, which will allow you to create a unique system of customer engagement and thereby significantly increase your profits! A simple system of tasks and rewards will bring an element of gamification to your business, increasing users' interest and loyalty.

How it works

The principle is quite simple: you create tasks in a simple task builder, for which your clients receive points or money. Depending on your reward structure, they can spend these points or money on various bonuses. Theese can be vouchers, discounts, events tickets, your company branded gadgets, your new products to test, cashback... any rewards that come to your mind. As you like it!

Now let us give you some tips on customization

Remember how important the first impression is and try to make sure that the system you present looks attractive. Take care of nice pictures, short but catchy tasks descriptions. A customer visiting your website has to be attracted to fulfill any task you want!

Don't forget about the nice bonuses that will make your customers perform tasks. Create a store where your clients can spend the points they earn on real benefits.

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