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Platform Features

Build and configure the system to fit your needs!

Security is a key factor for the successful functioning of any system. That's why the AFI platform provides you with a wide range of options for configuring the protection of your loyalty program. They are as follows:

Two-factor authentication

This option allows you to protect your system from unscrupulous users by denying login without completing the necessary steps. In other words, the user must go through an additional step when entering the system, which greatly reduces the various risks.

Protection against multiple account registration

This tool will prevent registering multiple accounts from the same computer or network. Taking into account the purpose of your system, this item will be very useful for combating various machinations in your tasks.

Prevention of DDoS attacks

In simple words, if you activate this option in the settings, the system will prevent bots from clicking your generated links with CAPTCHA, what will help to avoid distributed denial of service attacks or prevent bots to use the system.

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