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Platform Features

Build and configure the system to fit your needs!

It's no secret that our platform was created to allow you to interact effectively and directly with your customers, employees, colleagues, and so on. That's why AFI gives you a complete set of tools to manage and control your invited users. Specifically, you can:

View information

A simple interface will allow you to track information about any user you need. This can be a history of completed tasks, his activity, notes and much more. Moreover, you can download a cvs file that contains information about all users of your system at once!

Manage limits

You can also change the maximum limit of reward points/money that can be earned by the user for completing tasks. Once this limit is reached, the user will not be able to perform other tasks until he or she spends the earned rewards.

Make payments

As you already know, users earn money, which can later be requested for withdrawal. However, if you desire, you can manually make a payout at any time. To do this, simply specify the amount and details of the payment.

Offer extra rewards

In addition to rewards for completing tasks, the user may receive a reward from you in the form of a one-time deposit on his account for a certain amount. This feature opens up a lot of opportunities for promotions, and can also be used to reward your customers for actions outside of your platform.

Block / Delete from database

The most important tool for managing such systems is the ability to block / delete your users' accounts. In the first case, you simply limit the user's access to your platform, which can be revoked at any time by your decision. In the second case, you will completely delete all the data about the account from the database, making it impossible to restore it.

Grant admin access

The last point worth mentioning is the ability to give a certain user admin rights. In this case, the user will have full access to all the functions of the platform as well as the managing tools and permissions.

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