We help to promote your brand with the community you create

Reward people with cash, reward points or other benefits for helping you to promote your products or services.


Tap into people's social media circles!

Involve people to help you with promoting your amazing products

Social media

Reward people for sharing your products, posts, and information on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok


Reward people for creating unique content: youtube videos, blog reviews, photos that can be used in your marketing campaign


Let your members invite their friends and be rewarded for their marketing activities. Let the snowball effect starts!

You will get a mobile and web marketing app, under your brand

A community app will make it easy to promote your business and products. You define the tasks and decide how to reward your fans for completing them. Either activity points that can be exchanged for products or discounts or by hard cash.


Over 100,000 people use our software

We build direct and in-direct communities that support multiple brands

Let people do authentic marketing for you

They can do it with a click of a button

Influence marketing
“Current Influencer marketing doesn't have the engagement rates and results you need. ! — We will help you to build your own network of micro and nano influencers to help you promote your brand!.”
Szymon Bolczyk

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