We help to build shopping club communities

Let people join your exclusive shopping club to gain deep discounts and over-the-top benefits. Build your communities and open a new type of selling channel


Bring your clients together

Engage them to buy through your shopping club with extra benefits

Discounted products

Let people buy products at a discount. Promote their loyalty by setting the different discount levels for regular purchases

Gifts for activity

Reward people with occasional discounts and level-ups for bringing friends to the shopping club.

Pay with points

Let people exchange points they earn from you for the products and services you're offering.

You will get mobile and web shopping app, under your brand

People joining the club need to provide profile information you require. After they agree on your terms and conditions, that info will allow better product profiling. On top of that, the mobile app will be a very useful tool to send information to your shopping community about new products and discounts!

Shopping club

Over 100,000 people use our software

We build direct and in-direct communities that support multiple brands

It's an e-commerce application for the closed shopping community

on top of your existing and future clients

Shopping club
“We will help you win loyal passionate customers through your shopping club! — , which will also allow you to test new strategies and bring you new profits ”
Szymon Bolczyk
Afi.to CEO

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