Get in the Game: How Client Gamification Boosts Brand Awareness

Over 1.2 billion people in the world enjoy playing games. There's just something rewarding about achieving goals and competing with others.

Client gamification

So it should come as no surprise that gamification techniques work for branding as well. Most consumers are bored, after all, so you have to try something that'll keep their interest.

In this article, we'll tell you why gamification services are so beneficial for your brand.

What Is Gamification?

Gamification is where you take gamification elements and place them in your branding strategy. For instance, you can offer rewards points or customer loyalty leaderboards.

Whatever it is that you bring from games to your strategy, the main goals are to get your customers to participate, engage, and be loyal.

Now that you know a little about gamification, here are some benefits you can reap from gamification tools.

Often, marketing campaigns fall flat because they fail to get customers to engage.

While a website can be pretty informative and interactive, it doesn't beat gamification services. This is because it offers your customers incentives, such as small discounts on services and products.

They can collect points and work towards redeeming things like small prizes, discounts on your products, or early access to a new service.

You Get Better Brand Awareness

By using client gamification, you can reward those who promote or recommend your brand, as well as if they share or test your products. You can give them access to exclusive games for doing so, and they can unlock achievements and small rewards that no one else will get.

This exclusivity may motivate customers to keep recommending your brand, which means you'll get free promotion from them.

Explain Your Products or Services Better

They Grab Your Customers' Attention and Keep It

You can make a fun and informative short video about your products or services, but this is pretty one-sided and may not interest the customer much.

You can help them digest information better by making it interactive. For instance, you can have a quiz pop up on the screen where users need to answer questions about your product. The more they get right, the more points they can rack up to redeem prizes.

Reward Brand Loyalty

When compared to new customers, existing ones are 50% more likely to try new products and spend 31% more. As you can see, it's worth it to focus on customer retention.

Make sure your existing customers don't feel forgotten. Motivate them to stay loyal to your brand by rewarding them with things like daily deals, coupons, or loyalty points.

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