has launched an online marketing marketplace powered by 100,000 micro and nano influencers.

Marketing resources supplier has created a one-stop online shop for all variety of marketing services to meet current market demand, and trends. It is powered by a community of 100 000 micro & nano influencers.

Media agencies, marketing departments and startup alike can order at services supporting their marketing activities, such as reviews, product tests, unboxing, discussions, walk-throughs and many others.

Thanks to such a novel approach, companies can boost brand image, increase sales and build trust! offers these services based on its community at, which currently is powered by 100 000 micro & nano influencers and this number increases day by day.

Szymon Bolczyk, the CEO, adds "We have created such innovative marketplace to allow companies receiving honest opinion about their products. We gather normal "average Joes and Janes" who are keen to try out, test, review, use and promote products and services that they are passionate about. We do not influence their content, whether positive or negative, but ensure delivery of high-quality thorough reviews. It can be considered proper,prior to service or product launch, market test

Besides the marketplace, offers clients solutions related to building own communities and managing them. One of the key products offered is client gamification, thanks to which companies can design experience, a game around the brand. Participants receive a variety of benefits for completing tasks that help to promote the company. It's a win-win. Other solutions include closed shopping clubs, in which companies can offer heavily discounted products for the most loyal clients or affiliate and influence platforms.

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