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Setting up a loyalty program for an online shop

Your secret weapon to increase sales in an online store is referral marketing via loyalty program

How does it work?

In short, this tutorial will teach you how:

In our example, we will use an online store generated via getreve platform, likelaura.com, which sells jewelry. You can create an online store like that for free. Learn how to do it here.

1. How to set up a loyalty program for an online shop

The setup process is simple and aided via a step by step wizard. You can launch it here.

We select logo, currency, in our case it is US$ and a choose one of the basic brand awareness tasks generated by the wizard.

That’s it!

Once we are done through the wizard, the system provides us with a very brief overview of what each section does. This is what the main screen looks like to your users with member-to-member invite and sharing tasks.

The share task’s goal is to spread brand awareness of our online store so that the maximum amount of people find out about our fantastic jewelry.

2. How to set up referral marketing task

To drive sales thanks to our new loyalty program, we will add referral marketing task.

In the middle of the navigational menu, let’s click on campaigns to add a conversion task.

We enter details and descriptions that user see when looking at the task.

We only set up direct reward to 0.1, so 10%. Per every dollar of sales, the person who brought in a customer who made a purchase will get 10 cents. For the task to appear for users, we click “Go live” button.

In our ACQ store of likelaura there is Afi integration and we linked both systems.

3. How to invite your customer to join the program

Let’s move to the people section and invite our first member now.

We will send an invitation by email directly from afi system. The other option, the individual link above, can be sent via any messaging apps.

A customer receives an email...

4. How to monitor extra revenue you receive thanks for referrals

Simon who was invited earlier sends his unique link to his friend.

It redirects to likelaura store where his friend purchases some jewelry for $49.99.

In AFI system in claims tab we can see that the system automatically allocated $4.999 reward.

This is one of the most effective methods to increase your sales. Satisfied customers are the most authentic advertising you can utilize.

AFI is a complex system that can also boost your brand awareness, sales and many more. There are a lot of settings that can spicy up your program. Contact us if you have any questions!

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