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MarTech talks: What is the current role of content marketing?

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Some time ago, the representatives of SaaSpirin content markening agency held a series of conversations with the heads of several SaaS companies. The main goal was to find out what role content marketing plays for the successful development of any company and what marketing trends are dominant at the moment.

Most participants agreed that the way content is delivered directly depends on how your audience wants to consume it. There are now many ways for SaaS marketers to deliver content, providing a wide range of opportunities to achieve marketing goals and objectives.

The main point of these talks was that content marketing has been gaining much more popularity in recent years than traditional promotion methods. This is evidenced by the Content Marketing Institute's 2019-2020 annual study. According to its results, 24% of all respondents said their organization had shifted traditional paid advertising dollars to content marketing in the last 12 months.

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According to Szymon Bolczyk, CEO and co-founder of Afi.to, paid ads are less effective than they seem. The idea is that “If you have a paid ad for a page that appears at the top of a Google search, but you also have great SEO, you’ll also appear in the second-ranking position. So, if you didn’t have that paid ad, you’d still get the same number of clicks. Essentially, people only click on ads when they’re already looking for the product.”

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The full summary of all the interviews is available here.

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