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Ready to increase your sales? Meet the new WordPress plugin by Afi.to!

Build your loyalty program

This plugin allows rewarding your customers for making purchases and recommending your products in your online store. It is an effective method to boost your sales and keep your customers loyal.How does it work?First, you can set up your loyalty program at the Afi.to website for free (up to 100 members). Second, you create tasks for your customers, e.g. to recommend your products. Third, you set up a rewards system, for example, exchange points for discounts. Launch plugin, which connects Afi with your store and you are ready to go.Your customers receive their unique referral link, which redirects anyone who clicks on it to your store. Any purchase made through the link grants points to your customers, which they replace for rewards.

Here you can DOWNLOAD it for free.


From within WordPress

1. Go to `Plugins > Add New

Build your loyalty program

2. Search by Kewyword for Afi.to

Build your loyalty program

3. Activate the plugin from the Plugins page


  • 1. Upload the afi-to-integrations folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • 2. Activate the plugin from your Plugins page
  • 1. Look for Afi.to in your WordPress menu
  • 2. Go to configuration tab and follow the link on the banner to create afi.to account (if you do not have one already)
  • 3. Configure your affiliate program inside afi.to
  • 4. Get your API key, paste it, type of points and their quantity into configuration tab
  • 5. Choose operation mode: include shipping cost or not, only for referrals or for each customer
Build your loyalty program

Got any questions? Write Us directly: sb@afi.to

Build your loyalty program

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